Which YGO character are you?

Which Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You?

In a relationship, you are mostly...


People in general...

are caring individuals who should all befriend each other
are human
should leave me alone
are stupid, pathetic, weaklings
should die

Which word captures your attention the quickest?


If you were to draw out your feelings on paper, what would it look like?

tidal waves shrouded in a layer of fog
pretty much a straight line...maybe one or two dents
a wiggly depression, followed by a steady line
a four-year-old's scribbles

What do you do in your spare time?

plot on how to take over the world (I shall rule you all...!)
type away on my laptop/computer
muse over my past
brag about myself and attempt to impress guys/girls, though failing miserably...
play Dual Monsters
I don't have any spare time!!!

Your sentence after the statement: You love school

School? It's great! Not only can we receive the gift of knowledge, but also learn to appreciate friendship...
You can make new friends^_^
I got an F in Math...(aka, school sucks!)
School is only a place for dim-witted individuals, unlike my own brilliant self. The only reason I actually step into that treacherous prison is because I am obliged to.
Why should I waste time on school when I could be ruling the world?!
...I had a private tutor...

What is your goal in life?

To become the best dualist in the world
decrease the world population
become a preacher
to learn dancing and all the other fine arts
crown myself king and make you all bow before me!

Do you blush easily?

I've never looked in a mirror before...

Which inanimated object would best represent you?

a machine
a jigsaw puzzle
ballet shoes
dog food...(or just food in general^_^)
walking stick (always lending a helping hand!)

Your best friend died yesterday. You are at his/her grave...

bawling your eyes out; you can't live without them!
trying to hold back those tear...though failing
What?! I don't even have a best friend!
Laugh evilly and walk away (they'll never find out who the murdurer _really_ was!)

What do your clothes consist mostly of?

Leather! Must have the leather!
Hm...I'd say my gravity-defying trench coat
Hippy stuff
Pretty much everything comfortable, I guess...Clothing isn't that big of a deal to me...
Hello...? *voice echoes in closet*

Please make sure you've answered all the questions!

Code adapted from alanna's quiz tutorial