***Positions Open***

IMPORTANT! Once you have been accepted as a staff of "Duelist Destiny", you will have access to all areas of it! Do not abuse these rights! Also, I (as webmaster) have the ability to take down anything inappropriate or add things. As a staff, you must work on your part for at least once a week, or else I shall cordially uninvite you from the group (aka, kick you out in a nice way).

***Use the form at the very bottom to submit your application or email me at yamiyugisan@yahoo.com I'll get back to you ASAP.WE NEED CARD KEEPERS 3-7-04 *Note you dont get paid, staff members are dedicated to the site even though money is not envolved, if that is all you want we dont want you!! THE S

Episode Reviewer
-is responsible for updating the episode review page. All you do is watch the episode and review it on the Episode preview. This is extremly important job. Becuse the people want episodes. Requirement: Must watch all episodes and proubly know info on new sagas.(ex. Enter the Shadow Realm, Doom Saga, Duelist Kingdom, Battle City)

Image Designer:
-is responsible for all pictures in the "Gallery", as well as wallpapers and calendars
Requirement: Must have Photoshop or another similar type or photo-editing program

Card Keeper:
-update the "Card of the Week", post any new booster packs/structure decks/etc, analyze cards, give tips...anything that relates to the card game
Requirement: I highly recommend that you have a lot of spare time to meet the standards of this position...and don't slack off! ^_^

Video Gamer:
-update any new video games...in addition to posting information (cheats, reviews, etc.) for old ones
Requirement: Pretty much knowing how to use correct grammar and spelling

Humor/Miscellanous Position/Games:
-you may post anything that relates to Yugioh, but doesn't fall into any specific category. This includes but is not limited to: quizzes, jokes, skewed-up cards, etc.
Requirement: Imaginative mind^_^

-Probably the most easiest job here...All you have to do is check for new updates, and if it contains any written work (like card description, tips, etc), then edit the writing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
Requirement: Know your grammar and spelling pretty well (trust me...I can tell from emails...)

Script Writer:
-Because not many people (including employees of "Duelist Destiny") are familiar with HTML, this job requires you to upload any content needed to be posted on this site. This means adding the HTML codes, etc.
Requirement: You must be EXTREMELY comfortable with HTML and be able to recognize (though not necessary work with) Javascript and DHTML...since these are the three languages this site is made from. I'll be checking to see if you qualify for this position.

Applied Position:
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