Yugioh X2

Written by THE S (Co. webmaster)

Hey whats up its me Summoned Skull 1.5(also known as THE S).With my new job as The CO. Webmaster I can write up more stuff of all areas of YUGIOh.Now yugioh x2 is only a rumor.I have talking to some Japinese people on the internet and they said that."Yugioh x2 is going to be awsome.During the spring/summer yugioh x2 and during the fall/winter Yugioh."So thats yugioh all year pretty sweet hah.

Story line

So after many years a new enemy comes along(dah, is this just a love stroy? No!). But everything changes.Suddenly the world champion Yugi Mouto disappers!Seto Kaiba is owner of Industrial Illusions (the company Pegasus used to own)and Kaiba corp!There are also 5 new cards stronger than the GOD CARDS! But a kid named Takusiou Tinchi and his friends Mokuba Kaiba and many others battle this team of monsters. Can a group of High School Students pull it off against 5 of the baddest mansters on the face of this earth? Also a great surpise at the end of the 2nd season.


Takusiou Tenchi
The hero of this story of struggles.His deck is a fiend sub type beatdown.He goes to Domino High with fis friend Mokuba.He isnt the leader when they battle againts this mysterious team.But he is the strongest duelist.So watch out.He also later on in this series gets on of those ancent eygeptian thing like yugi has but I cant think right now. Not the puzzle.I think I heard it was the Rod that Marik has.

Closest to yugi mouto in this series

Mokuba Kaiba
He is Takusius's best friend in this series.He play mostly a mix deck.Now this guy was the leader when Kaiba chose this team.Not much to say becuse he was in Yugioh.

Closest to Joey Wheeler in this series

Seto Kaiba
He is the main bad guy of this series. When he took control of Industrial Illusions he made those card then they where so powerful that he threw them in the lake and it whent on from there.He is mostly the old wise guy in this.

Closest to Seto Kaiba in this series.(dah)

Carl Smith
He just moved from america to live in Domino.His deck is mostly a defence stratigy deck.He is like the pain in the butt on the team.he is also the weak point on this team becuse when he moved to Domino yugioh in america didn't have all the cards yet.But his deck is getting better so he will be someone to watch.

Closest to Mokuba Kaiba in Yugioh x1

Labrinth brothers
Yes you heard right they are back.You know there decks.They are good guys now so there cool dont try to kill them.The were chosened on the team 3rd and 4th(Takusiou was last)Para is like Bakura and Dox is like the guy who made dungeon dice (Duke).

Yami Yugi
I know what you are thinking: where is he? No one knows for now until later on. So no info.

That was the Yugioh x2 team like the team that got together (the good guys). There are many more characters to look at but too many and I don't know all of them. The S

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note this is only a rumor and may have have nothing to do with Kazuki Takahashi.(maker of Yugioh)