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Release Dates:
-Next Booster Pack: Invader Of Chaos, April 2004
-GBA: World Championship Games, May 2004
-New Deck!: Yugi and Kaiba Evolution, March 1 2004(they are a rip off)

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3-9-04 Hey guys I put up a new Invaders of Chaos spoilers(the next set).It is awsome. Also it is a document so you can download it for your PC.Should get a picture soon. Se ya THE S

3-6-04 Hey everyone I'm the current new member JED, and I'll be updating the game info and images, I'll soon bring up the best Yu-Gi-Oh video game contents. Soon there will be many new codes and games including PC games, there will be Gameshark codes, Codebreaker codes, and Action Replay codes with the latest information. JED

3-6-04 Wow...it's been like forever since I last updated! Sorry, guys! Anyway, deck submissions from Choas and Brad^_^ ~YK

3-6-04 I just joined another site. And when talking to him he is acting like a b!tch. No dah. But I am about to quit that after 5 days of being a member and soley dedicated to this site. The S P.S. I cant give out names(mann I want his perfect site done for)

3-5-04 Well first news is first I would like to welcome JED to the Duelist Destiny staff as our undicicded but he wants a few posistions but he looks over quilified w/ knowing html and stuff. Ohh ya and tomarrows epidsode is Yami VS. Noa epidsode 100 LP. VS. 100000 LP. epidsode 117 I believe. Peace or whatever. The S

3-2-04 Hey guess what I am updating the site to show some season3 and 4 episodes and I am working on a spoiler for Evolution decks(they suck *!#%)The S

2-25-04 Hey whats up!I just put up a new section in "Hot Stuff" above called "Summoned Skull's Lair".It is basicly my section of the site. It has my views of games,packs,episodes,my fav. sites ect. Also as you can proubly se I have been working on some stuff. P.S. my section is not on the navigation bar yet sorry :( . The S

2-11-04 Ohh my gosh I was on the internet today and I checked our top 100 ratings. Whe went from 110 to 56 in 2 days. Thanks to all the fans out there for your support. now that just got me off my lazy @$$.The S

2-6-03 Well dark crisis is out and it I heard it is the best yet.Even though I haven't bought a pack yet. There is even a 4 star 1900 Normal rare. Other than that nothing. The S

1-13-03 Hey? whats up I am glad to say that I will start updating again(like card stuff(my original job)and bosing around staff even though I dont do that much work either) but I will have more time due to wrestling season being over(yah practice sucks)THE S

1-03-04 Deck submissions from Black Hornet and Master. Check 'em out, and Happy 2004, everyone^_^ ~YK

12-14-03 New deck submission from "Opponent Destruction." Other then that...nada. ~YK

11-29-03 That Enter The you know looks pretty cool. Dont read on if you dont want to be spoiled. But guess what they all win. How do I know this.1)It's a kids show 2) I looked it up. 3)I'm psyhic. The S

11-15-03 hey no wrestling tornament ya! Well I am trying with my spare time to fine some spoilers of enter the shawdow realm but when I do I will post them up quickly.The S

11-15-03 Yayyy!!! I finally finished and uploaded the "Dress Up Yami" game! Look under the games section, or click on the link under "Hot Stuff" (see above). Hope you all enjoy^_^ (P.S. Sorry if the images are a bit crude...I was sick and being a little hasty at the time 0.o) ~YK

11-11-03 New wallpaper, new poll, plus a deck submission from MaxDog. Some of you may have noticed that I took out the Joey Starter Deck pic on the left...I didn't think it was necessary anymore. Oh, and Happy Veterans Day, everyone! ~YK

11-01-03 She is right all of us been putting zero effort on this site. I am just to busy. Well in good news the Enter the Shadow Realm is here so I will look it up. Or I will be on bored.com hopefully the first one.The S

10-31-03 Whats up I am the new card keeper D. Magician. I will work as hard as I can with the card section. Also my first update is next week. D. Magician

10-26-03 *sigh* I realize I'm not doing a very good job on this site...I just don't seem to have the time for it anymore. But a plus for the day is that the "Dress Up Yami" game is almost finished^_^ ~YK

10-19-03 Good news! The card section will soon be revived! Another positive note is a new project I'm working on, called "Dress up Yami Yugi." Basically, you have a picture of Yami and you choose different outfits for him^_^ Stay tune for more details! ~YK

10-10-03 Blakdragon submitted a neat card tip (under S&S) and the 13th act for her fic "Yugioh: The Eight Millennia." Also, I'd like to congratulate Ember for being the new image designer! A quick note to Yam1018@aol.com: I tried emailing you back, but only received a return mail saying you're email address was invalid. Is there another way I can contact you? ~YK

10-8-03 When I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror I notice that I am so hot. But I am bored. But if we have any trouble with the site, or if you want something done with site(like more cards) Dont be scared by e-mailing me or YK or use guestbookThe S

10-05-03 Yay! New poll! Sorry I delayed it for four days...kinda forgot about it...Anyway, the question (for the poll) may seem a bit absurd, but I thought the results might be interesting^_^ As for the previous poll, Seto Kaiba won by 3% over Yami Yugi for having the coolest outfit. Also, I must apologize for not updating Blakdragon's fic "Silenced Legacy" sooner; procrastination is evil. ~YK

9-30-03 Well guess what I am about to drop band and rejion with the 7th best wrestling team in the nation. The El Reno Indians. Also my 8th grade football team is 4-0-0.Thanks to my recovered fumble we won our last game. Ohh ya my friend bought the joey two deck and is isnt much different.They just took out and put in.I shuld get him to wright me a spoilers so I can update. The S

9-29-03 I'm in my Graphics Production's class right now...and I'm supposed to be working on the program layout for "Macbeth." Ah, well. I finished it anyway. But that's not the point...The point is, I found this really, er, interesting game online. Y'know that one game where you have to knock off bricks using a pingpong ball and a paddle? Well, in this one, you knock off Bakura's clothes! Click here to play! ~YK

9-19-03 *twitches* DD's chat room _was_ working five minutes ago...and not it's not. Strange...maybe it's just my computer... ~YK